At SecAdvise we want to make it our mission to help train and educate the next generation of ethical hackers that will help to become our immune system for the Internet. Keeping this in mind, we have set out a vision of what we are currently working on and what you can expect from us in the future.

We believe that one of the most effective ways of learning cyber security is through hands-on experience. Given the legal ambiguities with practicing these offensive techniques and the potential impact these have on production servers/clients, we created virtualized environments that are isolated from the Internet to allow such techniques to be used without fear of repercussion.  Our vision is to create a wide variety of labs for all sorts of specialization. The following are what we hope to accomplish in the next 2 years (2017-2019):

Starter Lab
  1. Introduce a scoring system to keep track of progress.
  2. Provide additional machines and challenges to keep content fresh.
  3. Introduce iOS and Android exploitation.
  4. Add learning material to get new users started.
Pentesting Lab
  1. Build machines that are advanced with wider choices that focus on:
    1. Network services exploitation
    2. Operating systems exploitation
    3. Network Pivoting
    4. Web Application Exploitation
    5. Password cracking
    6. And much more
  2. Introduce scoring system to keep track of progress.
  3. Introduce control panel for users to manually revert machines.
  4. Provide access to one windows machine per user on the VPN network for research/testing.
  5. Add more advanced learning material for users.
Custom Lab
  1. Build custom labs for Educational Institutions (Colleges/Universities)
  2. Create Custom Training Sessions
  3. Provide corporations with a choice of a private environment.
  4. Provide government departments with private environments.
Add Other Labs
  1. Forensics Labs
  2. Android/iOS Labs
  3. Reverse Engineering Labs
  4. Attack/Defense Labs
  5. Research Labs (Not necessarily Vulnerable)
Future Features For All Labs
  • User Control Panel to revert individual machines
  • Automatic Flag verification through submission & scoring system
  • Learning material through exercises
  • Walkthroughs